Launch of AMP with TTM technologist


During the commissioning works cyclograms are formed and asphalt meshing units and assemblies are set up for actual materials and recipes of road construction organization of the Customer.

Acceptance of equipment into operation is carried out with a set of such measures as the quality control of the sieve, the homogeneity of the mixture, etc. After the joint release of the tonnage of the mixture agreed with the Customer according to the given recipe, the act of commissioning the equipment is signed.

TTM Company offers as an additional option a new unique service for the AMP market: factory pre-commissioning.

Debugging is carried out by TTM technologist, who knows not only the specifics of the plants, but also deeply understands the whole process and the interaction between its different parts.

This kind of initial factory debugging gives the Client the opportunity to use it in the future with 100% efficiency.

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Start-up service of the TTM is:

03 Starting stages

Technologist’s Action Algorithm:


Expert assessment of the readiness of AMP and personnel to work

General inspection of the AMP, assessment of the quality of the installation work, familiarity with the personnel – all this is necessary for drawing up an individual plan for pre-launch debugging.


Introduction to Prescription

The TTM technologist minimizes, as far as possible, the mutual misunderstanding between the laboratory and the AMP operators, which is a serious obstacle to the organization of an efficient mixture production process.


View options offered by the local laboratory, inspection of the factory

The debugging process consists in setting up feeders, the so-called pre-dosing, when a situation of optimal supply of all materials is achieved (when we do not warm anything excess and there is no downtime). After the feeders are debugged, the calibration process is carried out (the correctness of the hot dosing process).


Interaction with the operator (including instruction on the control system)

Several interaction options are possible (depending on the level of preparedness of the AMP team): from a full master class to a small briefing board. TTM’s AMP have a well-designed process control system. Knowledge of the system will avoid errors and inaccuracies. In particular, temperature sensors can track the process at virtually all stages of production. If you need to go from one recipe to another, when there is a tuning of the factory, you can use the double dosing of bitumen. It will optimize the process, which ultimately affects the quality of the mixture.

RESULT: the presence after work of our technologist of a fully adjusted program for a specific local recipe, which is further adjusted by the local operator depending on the change of the task.

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