Asphalt mixing plants

The TTM asphalt mixing equipment line offers the best technical solutions and operational characteristics on the market.

Stationary asphalt mixing plants of the UNIVERSAL series

Stationary asphalt mixing plants require the manufacture of the foundation and do not imply further movement after the first installation. The absence of the need for relocation allows you not to impose restrictions on the manufacture of units in auto-size, which makes them more technologically advanced and productive.

Movable asphalt mixing plants of the SMART series

Capacity from 48 to 400 tons/hour. Suitable for movable or stationary use. The design of the movable installations allows them to be placed on the site without concrete foundations. The installations are installed and launched in the shortest possible time, while maintaining all the advantages of stationary installations.

Mobile asphalt mixing plants of the MOBILE series

Each functional component of the equipment is a separate module with its own ground movement system (chassis), which can be moved by a tractor in folded form, which simplifies relocation.

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