Hot recycling lines

  • Equipment from a leading AMP manufacturer with hot recycling technology;
  • Possibility to equip RAP equipment already working AMP;
  • Patented technological solutions;
  • Series production.

01 Hot recycling lines (RAP)

The use of technology of processing and delivery of old asphalt will help to optimize the cost of construction and maintenance of roads. The proposed “hot technology” makes it possible to use the mixture with the addition of old asphalt, including the production of upper layers of high-speed lines.

Tietuo Machinery, which has several patents, recycles secondary asphalt crumbs and returns them to the road surface. This not only solves the problem of environmental pollution, but also creates economic benefits for customers and ensures adherence to the concept of “green transport”.

One of the innovative solutions is the use of a RAP drum with a generator of hot gases in which the combustion of fuel takes place, while the resulting flow of hot waste gases is turned into a drying drum. The advantages of this solution are obvious: there is no direct contact of the material (particularly bitumen) with the torch, the process of adjusting the temperature of the incoming gas flow becomes well controlled, and the lack of oxygen flow (it burned out) does not trigger the aging reaction of the bitumen.

TTM offers the following options in the line of hot recycling plants:

  • The RLBZ series is an autonomous asphalt granulate processing line (capacity from 48 to 160 t/h), designed to complement the already existing asphalt plant.
  • Series TS – complex (capacity from 120 o 400 t/h), which includes asphalt plant (series LB, PLB, GLB) and installation RLBZ.
  • The RGB series is a fully autonomous installation (capacity from 48 to 100 t/h) designed exclusively for processing asphalt granulate.

240 t/h

maximum performance

60 %

recycling rates

3 series

for different tasks

02 Benefits

Advantages of hot recycling plants:

03 Specifications

Characteristics of Hot recycling lines:

TS1006 TS1510 TS2010
Performance of AMP, t/h 70-80 120 120
Performance of RAP, t/h 48 80 80
Rate of RAP, % 40 50 33
Summary performance, t/h 100-120 140-160 220-240
TS2015 TS3015 TS3020
Performance of AMP, t/h 160 240 240
Performance of RAP, t/h 120 120 160
Rate of RAP, % 50 37.5 50
Summary performance, t/h 200-240 280-320 280-320
TS4020 TS4030 TS5030
Performance of AMP, t/h 320 320 400
Performance of RAP, t/h 160 240 240
Rate of RAP, % 40 60 60
Summary performance, t/h 380-400 440-480 440-480

04 Gallery

Hot recycle plants in operation::

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