Asphalt mixing plants of the MOBILE series

  • Minimum pad sizes
  • compact location
  • Transport to overall dimensions of the vehicle
  • Ability close to the installation site

01 MOBILE series

MOBILE series – mobile asphalt mixing plants. This is a special equipment that is used to produce asphalt mixture on construction sites. All units in this series are mounted on car chassis, which allows for fast deployment.

The YLB series is a mobile asphalt mixing machine, independently developed by Tietuo Machinery according to market demand. Each functional component of the equipment is a separate module with its own system of movement on the ground (chassis), which can be moved by the tractor in folded form, which simplifies redeployment. The equipment is equipped with a fast-acting power connector and has no foundation design, which is convenient for quick installation and start-up.

The MOBILE series plants offer the following advantages:
  • Hight mobility
  • Low cost and cost of the received mixture
  • Minimum requirements for site size.

Technical Features:

  1. The whole machine includes cold feed and metering system, drying and heating system, dust removal system and main mixing unit system, and they all have modular design. Each module has its own system of movement on the ground, that is, the equipment can be moved by tractor in folded form, which simplifies redeployment;
  2. Electrical wiring and pipe connectors are connected by quick connectors or plugs. Once you arrive at the facility, you just need to deploy the modules. After placing, connect the wiring and piping to debug the production;
  3. No foundation casting is required for this AMP, steel foundations are used for installation.


AMP assembling time


Maximum performance


maximum transportation speed

02 Benefits

Advantages of Mobile series plants:

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Mobile Series plant transportation:

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