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01 Training

Having serious experience in manufacturing hundreds of plants, receiving feedback from its customers, TTM purposefully develops investments in “human capital”, organizing training and retraining of AMP operators.

On the basis of the Russian representation TTM opened courses for operators of its AMP “The Device of Asphalt Mixing Systems TTM. Basics of work with the control system of TTM’ AMP”. The training program consists of several units, the passage of which allows future operators to study and understand all the possibilities of high-tech equipment. Groups are small – three – four people. As a rule, these are the specialists of one company, which in the near future should start operation of AMP. This practically individualized training is the only possible option in the short term to give each student the maximum useful information and consolidate it in practice, which in the conditions of collective training seminars is difficult to do.

The course is designed for students of different levels of preparation: an interesting and new one will find both a beginner and an experienced specialist. And the latter, due to some “design” of their view, get the opportunity to update and systematize their personal experience, and thus avoid the “error of the survivor” when a single positive experience is transferred to the whole follow-up and often results in negative results.

02 The course

Training program:


Construction of asphalt mixing plants

At the first stage, the students study the construct of AMP, the principle of operation of individual aggregates, their relationship. Issues related to the technology of asphalt concrete mixture production are addressed: from general points to the nuances of the fraction selection for different formulations of ABS.


Mixing Production Steps

Next – the analysis of the main stages of ABS production: from loading inert materials in the power bunker to unloading the finished mixture in the body of the dump truck. What is «discharge», why it is important and what it affects, correct dust removal, proper material unloading, correct dosing – all the nuances that ultimately affect the productivity of the plant and the quality of asphalt-concrete mix.


AMP Control System

Central unit – introduction to AMP TTM control system. Here students learn the principles of TTM automation and basic functions of the software complex. Learn to calibrate weighers, level and temperature sensors. Try to set the recipe, adjust the presets of dispensers and release your “first asphalt”. For this purpose, the TTM Training Center recreated the operator’s cabin with a full simulation of work processes.


Practice on simulator

The stand allows to beat and various non-standard situations that require quick decision making. Algorithms of actions worked out in psychologically comfortable conditions become the foundation of real professionalism.

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Advantages of TTM Training Programs:

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