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Since the establishment of the Tietuo Machinery factory, the company has specialized in the production of asphalt plants exclusively. All this time we have been working on the improvement of production technologies and development of our equipment line to be able to meet the maximum needs of our customers, expanding the functionality of standard AMP.

Today TTM is ready to provide its customers with various solutions to the current challenges that the market poses: from the acquisition of the latest asphalt mixing plants to the modernization of existing plants (including other manufacturers) through their installation of additional equipment, greatly expanding the functional content.

Among the supplied equipment are bitumen storage, liquid heat carrier heaters, cellulosic additive units, bitumen smelters, asphalt granulate crushing and sorting complex (RAP), bitumen mechanical foaming unit.

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Advantages of additional TTM equipment:

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List of additional TTM equipment:

Bitumen storage

Designed for storing and heating bitumen. Available in horizontal and vertical versions. Has different volume: from 20 to 100 m3.

Each container has thermal insulation, register system, filling indication, technological manholes. Thermal oil is used to heat the storage, which improves the quality of bitumen preparation by avoiding overheating and coking. The oil is heated to the desired temperature by means of a heater of a liquid heat transfer medium. At the customer’s request, the heating system in the tanks can be carried out using electric heating elements (heating elements).

Liquid Heat Transfer Heater (HPL)

Designed to heat bitumen storage by heating thermal oil and circulating it through the systems of coils located in bitumen tanks. The heat exchanger is in the form of a steel cylindrical shell, inside which a two-circuit coil consisting of tubular spirals is arranged. The flame generated by the burner transmits thermal energy to thermal oil with maximum efficiency, passing through the contours of the furnace boiler. The back and front walls are lined with flame retardant material. Outside the boiler there is heat insulation 100 mm thick.

Riello (Italy) diesel burners are used in the heater design (gas or combined burner is possible). The burner automatically maintains the specified temperature of the thermal oil, thus reducing the cost of the fuel used. The system of pumps and shut-off valves supports in automatic mode the specified pressure parameters in the system of oil pipes.

Possible supply of oil heaters with capacity from 100 thousand. up to 1.5 million kcal/hour and above.

Cellulose Additive Aggregate (CAA)

The unit is designed for dosing additives (type VIATOP, etc.) in the process of asphalt preparation for the production of crushed and mastic asphalt.

The design of the CAA ensures the reception, dosing and automatic delivery of granulated cellulosic additives into the mixer.
If necessary, the CAA can be supplied with a self-contained control cabinet, which allows you to equip any type of asphalt mixing units for crushed and mastic asphalt.

Bitumen Fusors

Packaged bitumen delivered to the AMP in solid (cold) form, before preparing the asphalt concrete mixture, it is necessary to melt and pump into the working tank for further heating to the working temperature. Bitumen melting, i.e. heating to a flow point (100-120 C) is carried out by circulating the hot heat transfer medium in the installation registers. The heat transfer medium is heated by means of an installed burner.

It is also possible to design a smelter for work with bitumen supplied in non-return packagings.

Asphalt granulate crushing and sorting complex (RAP)

The structure of the material after its mechanical deformation on the road requires additional crushing (for uniform linear dimensions). For this purpose TTM factory produces drum type crushers. The advantages of these crushers include: a small wear during operation, the ability not to crush the particles of material in the flow to smaller, but only to carry out the destruction of the asphalt array.

Coal burners, crushers, mills

Coal has long been used as an energy fuel. In this connection, in agreement with the Customer, TTM Factory completes asphalt plants with hot water heaters for coal.

Coal combustion emits harmful gaseous emissions, which are products of incomplete coal combustion. To reduce these emissions and increase the calorie content of the fuel, the material is pre-shredded before burning. For this purpose, a coal crusher is used to crush large pieces of fuel into smaller pieces of a certain size.

Coal mill is designed to grind coal into dust. When small-scale coal is burned, a large amount of thermal energy is released and the emission of harmful products into the atmosphere is reduced.

Bitumen Mechanical Foaming Unit – TWB15

Bitumen Mechanical Foaming Unit – TWB15 is used for work on the technology of warm asphalt.

Nominal foaming volume – up to 15 tons per hour, the working temperature of bitumen feed – 150-180, the water used – tap.
The unit consists of three main parts: bitumen feeding and foaming unit, water supply system and control system. Each of them is designed and manufactured according to Russian operating conditions, contains a number of patented solutions.

The feature of the installation is the absence of the need to change the calculation of the grain composition (compared to the hot asphalt-concrete mix), as well as a small increase in the amount of bitumen after foaming (which is a very significant nuance).

The TWB15 Bitumen Mechanical Foaming Unit can be installed both in own TTM plants and in other manufacturers. Installation and commissioning of equipment takes a maximum of two days. The installation of the equipment does not exclude the possibility of manufacturing conventional asphalt-concrete mix, but gives a serious competitive advantage over AMP standard equipment.

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