Assembly and start-up of equipment

01AMP assembly services

Installation of an asphalt mixing plant is a complex and responsible process of plant assembly and equipment adjustment, which requires highly qualified specialists. TTM provides its customers with the services of a head installation: installation and commissioning works are carried out under the guidance and with the participation of experienced installers TTM.

The plants are supplied to the customer by separate units in containers that meet the requirements of sea or rail transport. Small parts are packed in wooden boxes. This guarantees their safety, and therefore the quality of the entire asphalt mixing plant. At the installation site they are gathered in a single complex.

Thanks to the use of robots in the factory, it is possible to achieve high accuracy in the manufacture of units, which makes the installation fast and the fitting of various units and connections of equipment reliable.

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Installation work in TTM is:

03 Installation steps

Sequence of assembly works:


Formation of a platform for future AMP

Works include the selection of a suitable site, taking into account the possibility of the arrival of transport for the delivery of equipment and loading of the finished mixture. It is also necessary to erect a foundation that should ensure stable operation of the equipment and reduce vibration during production.


Tower Installation

First of all, the installation of the metal supports of the A3 structure is carried out, as well as the installation of power bunkers, feedstock conveyors, the installation of AMP, mixer, metering units, GKM bunkers, ratchet.  Then the drying drum and the bag filter block are installed.


Installation of process equipment

After installation of the main parts of the asphalt plant, other units and equipment are installed: silo of min.powder and dust, additive lines (RAP, CAA, adhesion, etc.), bitumen farm, etc.


Installation of electrical equipment

This work unit includes the connection of power supply and communications: the installation of control panels, electrical works, the connection of asphalt mixing plant to the electrical network and other communication systems necessary for its operation.


Start-up works

After complete installation, the specialists carry out tests of all components of the asphalt mixing plant to ensure their performance and compliance with technical specifications. During the commissioning works a cyclogram is formed and the asphalt mixing units and assemblies are adjusted for the actual materials and recipes of the road construction organization of the Customer.

If necessary, additional services are provided: the linking of equipment on the ground with the organization of traffic interchange, the breaking up of foundations and their manufacture, the complex design of the territory for the construction of an AMP.

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The process of AMP assembly:

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