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The official representative office of the TTM factory in Russia and the CIS was opened in 2014 in Samara. This strategic decision was preceded by serious preparation for the technical improvement of the equipment, taking into account Russian specifics, such as a large dust content of the material, the presence of oversized in it, its increased humidity in the autumn and spring periods, the need for the equipment to operate at ambient temperatures close to zero.

Russified software was prepared. Technical documentation (electrical and dimensional diagrams, equipment maintenance and operation instructions) transmitted from the factory has been developed by Russian-speaking engineers. Declarations of compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union have been received. TTM-Russia has developed a unique software product for its Customers that allows creating a single information database and enabling remote control of the production process online.

The opening of the official representative office provided an opportunity for Russian road workers to receive TTM products with the solution of all related tasks: delivery, installation and service. The presence of a spare parts warehouse in Russia, as well as a team of service managers, mechanics and electricians who have been trained directly at the factory, guarantees 24/7 service.

The main tasks of the Russian representative office: formation of the specification of the equipment corresponding to the project, optimization of logistics in delivery, support of customs clearance, commissioning, service.

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TTM Office in numbers:

To date, the Russian office of TTM is:

  • 128 people on staff;
  • 110+ completed projects across the CIS;
  • 1 training center for employees and clients;
  • 1 large spare parts warehouse (528 m2);

128 employees

110+ finished projects

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TTM Russian office