Maintenance of installations after the start-up is one of the main tasks, which is successfully solved by the TTM Office due to the presence in Russia of the guarantee and post-guarantee warehouse of spare parts, service engineers, mechanics and electricians, ready to leave on request within 24 hours.

Questions related to diagnostics of the state of the equipment, adjustment and updating of the control system, in most cases, can be quickly solved remotely using the remote monitoring function.

The equipment supplied to Russia and the CIS has a declaration on compliance with the technical regulations of the customs union, Russified software and technical documentation executed in Russian:

  • passport;
  • instruction manual and operation;
  • electrical schematics;
  • spare parts catalogue.

Correct operation of AMP, timely and regular competent maintenance ensure stable production process of release of mixture and extend the service life not only of individual units and assemblies, but also of asphalt concrete plant as a whole. 

  • own spare parts warehouse
  • qualified service engineers
  • staff training
  • Service 24/7

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