Academic year from TTM

It’s summer outside, and in the TTM office there is a serious atmosphere of immersion in the theory and practice of a complex process – the production of asphalt concrete.

This time, employees of two ABZ TTM are at their desks at once: RSU-4, working in the city of Dir, Sverdlovsk region, and Expertdorstroy from the Republic of Mari El.

And although both plants have been operating for several years, and the students themselves – Denis Tatarinov, head of the EDS ABZ section, Alexander Egorov, head of the EDS laboratory, and Ivan Tumanov, head of the RSU-4 ABZ section – are experienced people with work experience and understanding of production, each of them had the opportunity to refresh their knowledge, clarify nuances, ask questions.

It was also useful for our teacher, Abdelmanov Almaz: he is convinced that the learning process is always a mutual exchange of information, knowledge, and experience.

Traditionally, at the end of the course, partner students received certificates and small souvenirs from TTM, and, of course, a positive charge of energy!