About ecology first of all

Being a company focused on continuous improvement of the quality of its products, as well as on building a socially responsible business, we pay great attention to solving environmental issues and environmental protection.

The Tietuo Machinery Research Institute has developed, and the factory successfully produces a number of models that can be used at sites where maximum compliance with environmental requirements is required – ACS of the ECO series and installations of the RLBZ, TS, RGB, RTJ series to solve the problem of rational use of asphalt granulate.

In this area, TTM is the largest factory in China and has been ranked first in the manufacturers’ rating for several years.

The AMP of the ECO series have a fully sealed design with optimization of the entire functional structure. The main unit of the equipment has a unique and innovative design, simple, elegant and easy to assemble. The external sealed part of the main unit and dust collectors at each level exclude the escape of dust and smoke, which improves the environmental characteristics of the entire automated control system.

Asphalt mixing plants of the ECO series can have a semi-closed and closed type design, differing in the degree of sealing of the equipment. In semi-closed type constructions, a unique sliding door system is used on the outside of the main unit, which makes it more convenient to operate.

The RTJ series is a cold asphalt concrete regeneration line that allows you to replace up to 20% of inert materials with crumbs from old asphalt concrete, without preheating it. The line is characterized by a low cost compared to hot regeneration lines.

The RLBZ series is an autonomous asphalt granulate processing line (with a capacity from 48 to 160 t/h) designed to complement an existing asphalt plant.

TS series is a complex (capacity from 120 to 400 t/h), which includes an asphalt plant (LB PLB GLB series) and an RLBZ installation.

The RGB series is a fully autonomous installation (capacity from 48 to 100 t/h), designed exclusively for the processing of asphalt granulate.