About the roads of the whole world clearly

The best way to see the scale and extent of all roads is to visualize them. Adam Symington of PythonMaps used data from the Global Roads Inventory Project (GRIP) to map all the roads in the world. According to Visual Capitalist, at least 21 million kilometers of them have been laid around the world.

And who are the leaders in the ranking by length and in what place is Russia?

With almost 3 million kilometers of highways, the USA has the largest road network in the world (1st place and 14.34% of the world’s roads), almost twice as much as in China (1.7 million km – 2nd place and 7.92%) and three times more than in India (1 million km – 3rd place and 4.87%).

And Russia is on the 6th place of this rating with 682 thousand km, which is 2.88% of the world’s roads.

However, we remember that our road season is in full swing, the construction of new roads is proceeding rapidly and it would be nice to recalculate this rating in the fall.